We need you, if we are to grow as an encouraging and reconciling radio ministry. 

Speak Spanish?  Have Studio Broadcasting Experience?

Especially if you have on-air broadcast experience in the studio, we need you as a volunteer dj for Christian music, to conduct interviews, or to host your own program. We also have the equipment to do remote broadcasts in the communities we serve, but we need help to set up the remote and go on the air.  If you have the desire to learn, let us know using our contact form, and we'll talk with you about it.

Audio Editing Experience?

If you have done audio editing, area pastors may need help in learning how to prepare their programs for broadcast.  There are simple and inexpensive audio editing programs that do the job very well.  We do not have the staff to do much more than make equipment and software recommendations.  Your help is essential in getting out the gospel message from area pastors and churches.  Please let us know on our contact form.

Other Help...

You know better that we do... what you have to offer that we may not have thought about!  So give us a call or send an e-mail!  And there's that ever present contact form!